EP12: Stolen Words Ch 1 Narrated by Sebastian York

Nom de Plume Podcast
EP12: Stolen Words Ch 1 Narrated by Sebastian York


Since my new release Number Infinity is coming out on October 22, I had this really awesome idea of reading you all the chapters from my first book, Stolen Words! But really, you don’t want to listen to me read. So instead of me reading you my book, I’m going to let Sebastian York and CJ Bloom do it. At the end (if you want to stick around) you can listen to my commentary about the chapter, my thoughts, what I wish I could change, and my process of writing!

Nom de Plume

Some of you call me NDP, others call me India Caedmon. I live a wonderful, quiet hermit life in the Idaho mountains which is ideal for yoga (and reading, of course). During the day, I am a structural engineer. When I’m not geeking out, I fly planes in the backcountry and paddle board with my dog. I am so grateful to share this journey with you! NAMASTE ∞

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