Is There Sex in Your Books?

If you've been to my book blog, then you know that I read all types of romance. When I started the transition from blogger to author, many people asked if my books would have graphic content and/or foul language. Here's my answer 😉

Q: Is there sex in your books?


The characters are certainly tempted by desire, but there is nothing graphic. The worst in terms of language are a handful of “damns,” and “hells.” It’s hard, though. There have been times where I want my characters to just spew off endless swear words or be incredibly crass. That’s when I take a breather, find my zen, and search for a different way to express what I want to say.

As a result, all of my books are severely filtered. They’re appropriate for ages 13+.

Q: What made you decide this?

Fun fact: the very first draft of Stolen Words (High Tower, #1) had graphic content. In terms of heat, it was pretty filthy even for a contemporary romance. I let it sit for a few months and when I read it back, honestly, I didn’t care for the groping. Like, at all.

I swooned over the lingering touches and the indescribable energy seeping from my leading man. Phew. He’s a keeper.

At the end of the day, I want to write books that I’d kill to read. I love all types of romance novels, but as I reviewed my own manuscript, all I could think about was how I wanted to read the clean version instead!

That’s when I solidified my decision to write clean romance.

Stolen Words has gone through many phases of sculpting since it’s original dirty state. The beginning of chapter two is the only chunk from the original manuscript that made the final cut. 😉

For those of you who want to read the original unedited manuscript…haha nice try.

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