Let’s Talk Virginity

Many people make it seem like not graduating from the University of Smut is a bad thing…that just makes me giggle. Apparently I carry an eau de innocence that triggers this topic a lot. So let’s talk virginity.

Q: Are you still a virgin?

Yes. Ohh, the power I hold over men! 😛

Many women, typically in their early twenties worry that men won’t want them if they’re virgins. What the…no. This is totally a MYTH! Yes, many men say they won’t date or marry a virgin because they “want a woman who knows how to shake the floors,” or “don’t want to play professor in the bedroom.” But really, how many virgins have these guys actually encountered? Men are vulnerable and squishy creatures. When love strikes, it won’t matter. So get those silly thoughts out of your head right now.

As for me and my virgini-tay, I am a private person, so it’s not like I sashay around announcing to the world that I have sacred lady parts. But when people find out, they typically gape at me as if I don’t know what the radio is. The best is when they shake their heads in horror like they’ve witnessed me twirling nude under a full moon. Nude? I don’t know about that…but you bet your bum I twirled.

I mean, what can people say? That I’m totally awesome? Yeah, dat’s right.

It’s not a religious thing by any means. I just want to be able to say, “I’ve waited my whole life for you.” That’s special to me. I’ve waited twenty-eight years already, and I’m going to continue waiting for the right person. Some of you might have just rolled your eyes at my cheesiness and that’s okay. It’s similar to how I might roll my eyes at at someone saying they need to get laid.

Honestly, the casual, temporary vibe behind modern “dating” doesn’t appeal to me. I’m pretty sure I was born 200 years late. But have you ever been asked out by someone who just wants you to entertain them? They want to drive your car. They want you to share your Costco membership with them. They want to mooch off of you. That just screams commitment…

I’d rather write. Or be alone. Or do math.

There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin similar to how it’s not a crime to be single. It’s not because I’m incapable of love. It’s actually quite the opposite. I love with all my heart and I’m not going to give that freely. I don’t want to do anything halfway and I certainly don’t want to settle.

It comes down to this: when a man comes and expresses interest in me, if he doesn’t see me in his future permanently, then he can go look for a rental elsewhere. Not that I want to jump into marriage with some rando, but love is a choice and after all the lust and seduction is gone, I don’t want someone to tell me, “let’s just sees how it goes.” No no no, young grasshopper. That’s not how this works.

Fireworks. Grand gestures. That’s what I want. Call me a hopeless romantic with a warped sense of expectations, but I feel like a lot of people these days don’t expect enough. I know there is someone in this world for me. And until he comes, I’ll just continue writing about him.

It’s not like I remember where the keys are to my chastity belt anyway.

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