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Not only am I socially awkward and have a wild temper, but I have what some people would call ridiculous standards. Feel free to judge my romantic expectations, but I honestly don’t think we expect enough in this modern age. Granted, you all are likely married with wee bairns on the way, and I’m just here…you know…blogging like a bad a**!

Let’s get to it. I like my men loyal.

You’re nodding your head because I’m right.

Plot twist. This is where I get a little crazy and take it one step further. I’m not just talking about loyalty while in a relationship (which is expected, by the way). I’m talking wayyyy before that.

Do I want to dive into a story of one of my almost-boyfriends? Eek.

In 2013, one of my best friends expressed interest in me. After running him through my spreadsheet of life, i.e., a spreadsheet that determines compatibility, relationship success, and a possible engagement date, the odds were actually in his favor! See, math doesn’t lie. But men do…

Typical me, but I have a tendency to push people away when I’m scared or don’t feel like my expectations will be met. I want the best. Does that make me a horrible human being for wanting the best? I’m the female version of Gaston, except I can read. So I did the Heisman and pushed this one away hard. So hard, in fact, that said man started dating someone else.

Oops. Wrong effect there.

What ever happened to “I’ll wait for you, India,” “I’ll fight for you,” and “I’ll never give up on you?” Give me a fat freaking break. He might as well have put me up for sale alongside his broken motorcycle he never got around to fixing. Ladies, words are words. Love letters mean SQUAT when a man can’t walk the plank and take accountability for his actions (or lack thereof).

Needless to say, this hot shot’s relationship took a plunge into a fiery abyss. This didn’t surprise me at all because the man practically wanted to impregnate all the eggs in my untouched ovaries just prior to this new love.

After a plethora of relationships under his belt, in 2016, he expressed interest in me again…

Mmm. Lemme calculate the odds of this… just kidding! Hard no.

Just like in romance books, and just like in real life, loyalty needs to be present from the beginning. In the books I read, the leading man had better not even look at another woman if he plans on winning the heroine’s heart. And if they’re on a supposed “break,” I expect the same behavior. Like, let’s be honest here. Loyalty is hot.

I’ve thrown away books because of a hero’s wandering eye or fickle heart. But is this too big of an expectation in real life? That’s just laughable. The answer is NO.

I want it all or nothing at all, my friends. Respect, loyalty, understanding… you know, along with all the other delusional expectations I have.

India Caedmon

During the day, I'm a structural engineer. When I'm not a total introvert, I enjoy being alone, flying in the backcountry, hiking, and paddle boarding with my dog, Apollo. Mondays are my favorite day of the week, I love my family, and each day I give the world all that I can.

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