India Caedmon’s RT Reviews: Ratings 101 

★★★★★ | Truly outstanding fiction
★★★★★ ½ | Phenomenal read
★★★★ | YAAAAS
★★★ | An enjoyable, pleasant read, but some minor flaws
★★ | Ermm… It’s a struggle
★ | Yikes! My EYES!

I love getting to know each of you through giveaways and our discussions about books and audiobooks. Snort. When I say, “Discussions about audiobooks,” I’m referring to Sebastian York. Let’s be honest.

I wrote reviews for RT Magazine until they announced their closing in 2018.

I will share my RT reviews with you all here. ♥

Submit to Mondays

Monday is my favorite day of the week. When people ask me why, their coffee withdrawaled posture suggests they’re not equally as thrilled as me that the weekend is over.

Working in Romance

I never thought I would be someone who would work so much in the romance field when it came to publishing.


I will be posting my reviews for RT Book Reviews here! Stay tuned... ?