India Caedmon’s RT Book Reviews Ratings 101 

★★★★★ | Truly outstanding fiction
★★★★★ ½ | Phenomenal read
★★★★ | YAAAAS
★★★ | An enjoyable, pleasant read, but some minor flaws
★★ | Ermm… It’s a struggle
★ | Yikes! My EYES!

I would like to introduce you all to India Caedmon! That’s me…well, my pen name. Some of you know my real name through giveaways and our discussions about books and audiobooks. Snort. When I say, “Discussions about audiobooks,” I’m referring to Sebastian York. Let’s be honest.

I have been writing romance reviews for The Romantic Times since 2017 and I’ll share my reviews here 45 days after they’ve been published by RT!

And so we wait….


I will be posting my reviews for RT Book Reviews here! Stay tuned... 😏