India Caedmon’s RT Reviews: Ratings 101 

★★★★★ | Truly outstanding fiction
★★★★★ ½ | Phenomenal read
★★★★ | YAAAAS
★★★ | An enjoyable, pleasant read, but some minor flaws
★★ | Ermm… It’s a struggle
★ | Yikes! My EYES!

I love getting to know each of you through giveaways and our discussions about books and audiobooks. Snort. When I say, “Discussions about audiobooks,” I’m referring to Sebastian York. Let’s be honest.

I wrote reviews for RT Magazine until they announced their closing in 2018.

I will share my RT reviews with you all here. ♥

EP1: Introduction

I guess we're really doing this, guys. Come join me, India Caedmon, and let's talk romance! In NDP's first official podcast episode, I share a little bit about me, my writing, and of course I have some delicious audio samples of Sebastian York and CJ Bloom in the booth recording Stolen Words, my debut novel!

Book Blogger Pet Peeves

My writing career started as a book blogger and I eventually transitioned into the “author” role, but I am (and always will be) a romance book reviewer. I am often asked about book reviews and how an author can get more. So today, I’m writing to you from a blogger’s perspective. The most important thing: you need to know blogger pet peeves.

Is There Sex in Your Books?

No. My books are severely filtered. It’s hard, though. There have been times where I want my characters to just spew off endless swear words or be incredibly crass. That’s when I take a breather, find my zen, and search for a different way to express what I want to say...

Let’s Talk Virginity

Apparently I carry an eau de innocence that triggers this topic a lot. Let's talk virginity.

Finding Inspiration

I have a very unconventional way of writing. Hee hee. I tend to do things completely backward. For example, I write my book blurbs first. I've even chosen book covers before writing any text. But when it comes to crafting a story, there's really only one thing that starts the entire process...


I will be posting my reviews for RT Book Reviews here! Stay tuned... ?