India Caedmon’s RT Reviews: Ratings 101 

★★★★★ | Truly outstanding fiction
★★★★★ ½ | Phenomenal read
★★★★ | YAAAAS
★★★ | An enjoyable, pleasant read, but some minor flaws
★★ | Ermm… It’s a struggle
★ | Yikes! My EYES!

I would like to introduce you all to India Caedmon! (That’s me…) I love getting to know each of you through giveaways and our discussions about books and audiobooks. Snort. When I say, “Discussions about audiobooks,” I’m referring to Sebastian York. Let’s be honest.

I wrote reviews for RT Magazine until they announced their closing in 2018.

I will share my RT reviews with you all here. ♥

Well, I wrote a book!

My debut novel is releasing this December! It's on pre-order hella early for 99¢, or you can join my ARC Team and get a free copy in exchange for a wonderfully blunt review on the platform(s) of your choice.

Wow—it's weird being on the other side of this...

You've been with me from the beginning when I first launched this blog in 2017. I've written Stolen Words for YOU and I hope you enjoy the swoon.

♥ India