Why I Love Romance


Romance is something I have always admired. I have seen it in movies and TV, books, songs, and so many other forms of media. It has made me fall in love with relationships (or shipping) and has made me even more invested in characters and their journeys.

Romance books (or at least books that have a good romantic plot) are ones that I love to read. Not everyone does and that is completely understandable. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences that make their reading style unique. When I see forms of media though, especially books, with good couples and romance plots it honestly makes me so happy.

I have personally never been in a romantic relationship with anyone before. And it is not something I am ashamed of or care too much about. That is just how my life has gone. However, I can say that while my own romantic life may not be too full (again, personal decision and not something I am ashamed or too upset to admit) I do love being able to read about other people’s love.

Reading about couples in books and romance in general is something that can make you feel joy. Seeing other people so in love and happy is an experience. It is a journey that you get to take with the readers on the pages of a book. Something I love about romance novels is being able to follow two characters and their romantic journey from beginning to end. In the first few pages they may be complete strangers, but by the time you get to the end of the book, they could be in a serious relationship, married, casually dating, or something along those lines. Reading a romance book is like being invited to look into part of a couple’s life from beginning to end. You get to read the highs and lows, the obstacles they face, see the love they share for each other, and so much more.

Another reason I love romance books is that they can make you think. Some people may believe that a mass market paperback with a couple almost kissing on it is something that people should be ashamed to read or that it is probably just cheesy fluff. But in actuality so many of these books and romance books in general can discuss serious topics and how they relate to a person’s struggle to find love or stay together in a relationship. While books by authors like Nicholas Sparks can be cheesy and soppy at times, he does do a good job at incorporating real life struggles into the books and how they can impact a relationship from cancer to money to war. Romance books can be corny sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some truth to them.

Romance books are like comfort food with so many other genres and scenarios sprinkled in. They can cause you to be sad, happy, funny, or a combination of a variety of different emotions. Romance is something that makes me love a book even more and I think if people gave romance books more of a chance, then they would feel that way too.

Jessica Pupillo

I am a recent college graduate and publishing intern. I hope to one day get a job in book publishing or writing. I love reading, watching Marvel movies (especially any of the films that feature Tony Stark), watching my favorite TV shows, and spending time with my friends and family.

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